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Soon after, Zed and John checked into the hotel where the exorcist revealed that he was furious that he didn't know anything about Martin. As John began to recite an incantation to send the demon back to hell, Astra appeared. [4] It was difficult for him, and after a while Manny showed up. Immediately after that, they tried a ritual that didn't work. On the off chance that she gets the weapon, he'll give her the extortion. On the angel's advice, the team drove to the local hospital, and to make appearances, John stuck a screwdriver in Chas's leg. [9] After recovering Ray's soul, Constantine tricks Neron into breaking his own word (Neron had promised that he would not hurt Ray's friend Nate Heywood and Nate fought Neron while in disguise), forcing the demon out of Ray's body, before finally killing him. The team followed him, where it was Zed who understood her visions. There, he was surprised by the presence of Manny, who tried to show the man the mistake he still made about his friends. Although Constantine was able to banish them away and the two talked about their past and sins. Soon after, during the meeting with Felix, the mage broke the contract that John had defeated Karabasana by dissipating energy, rather than sending him to Hell as the contract mentioned at the beginning. Sara asked John to help, as the two went on a search for the unicorn and the other Legends affected by the unicorn glitter. Having been raised by an abusive father since his mother died in childbirth, John grew up highly cynical and cunning, soon developing an interest in the dark arts. The exorcist found a piece of artifact in Jasper's hideout, which he checked on Chas, while Manny was seduced by a nurse, helping him achieve his goal. The two started a relationship and soon moved in together in a loft they rented in New Orleans. When he came to his senses, on one of the streets he met a boy, Okot, in whose body a demon was hidden. [21] A decision not to explore Constantine's bisexuality in the show caused some consternation with fans, although the character continued to be portrayed as bisexual in the comics. She was happy to be able to talk to the angel, so Constantine decided to leave them alone. After exorcizing the woman, John saw that she wrote the words "Liv Die". He is also haunted by the memory of Astra Logue, a young girl he condemned to hell with a botched exorcism. John and Manny in St. Catherine's Hospital. With their help he learned that the girl was Nora Darhk who was slowly being taken over by a demon called Mallus. John also commented on the number of pretty girls Oliver had surrounded himself with, which made them feel somewhat uncomfortable. When the detective was found, John explained that in order for everything to succeed, loved ones must forgive the dead and come to terms with their death. While at Newcastle, John accidentally damned Astra's soul to Hell trying to extort the demon Nergal into fighting another demon for him. As it turned out, she herself put a feather in the preacher's hand in order to be in the human dimension and then be able to live in it. The pyrotechnic effects set off a fire that occupied an entire building. According to Zed's visions, a heavenly light appeared, to which Galen began to follow, taking him with him, and the very shard that was in his body merged with the shard of Jasper's diamond. As a result, Manny lost access to his angelicness and was forced to help John, who, following the flashing light, found another victim in the hospital - Duncan Hall. Corrigan got a call from the police station where he found out about another kidnapping. Chas followed John's advice and, unable to live normally with the souls of others, decided to fight evil alongside his friend in order to repay the gift and use it in a good way. Suddenly, John began to deteriorate and he attacked Chandler and ran away. Immediately after that, the exorcist returned to Chas, where Manny's body took over his friend's body, who was furious with his ally for sitting idle. After confirming that it was Sara's idea to release Mallus, John informed them that Mallus wasn't the only evil they released. He and Chas Chandler decided to tackle on the country's supernatural problems, hoping to save John's soul along the way.[5]. As soon as the witch took the bait, Hugo unexpectedly followed her in pursuit, trying to shoot her. After a while it turned out that Constantine had faked his own death using the body of a bodyguard and a camouflage spell. As soon as he woke up, he called Manny, with whom they discovered Dr. Galen, who would be the alleged killer. Together with Chase, they arrive at the designated address, which turns out to be a monastery. Immediately after that, he took him to the mill, where he found Zed. A moment of inattention made Lily look at the phone and unknowingly, through the reflection, she found herself in the other world. [37]. As Zed and Chas tried to cut off the transmit signal, John decided to fight the main problem by getting inside with the headphones. [11], By late February 2016, John somehow found his way to Hell,[19] presumably to fulfill his promise of saving Astra Logue. Eine chronologische Übersicht aller Episoden, in denen John Constantine einen Auftritt hatte. After Zari Tomaz and Sara Lance managed to convince Prudence to call off the Fairy Godmother, the girl released her from their contract, allowing John to incapacitate the mystical witch. Constantine has been continually portrayed by Matt Ryan. To make these come true, John decided to free Manny from the doctor's body, and then tried to fight the monster. John also noted that Zed was an unbeliever, but their discussion of faith was interrupted by a preacher who began speaking in Enochian, the language of angels, which made Constantine suspect the preacher's power. dessen Figur Ace im Film Quadrophenia. Astra gave John back his decade of life so he could fulfill his side of the bargain.[40]. The man's body was torn open and his heart glowed purple. Zed was going to run away, believing that the mill was not a safe place and they might find her again. After the Legends defeat Mallus by deliberately breaking his prison open so that they can confront him directly, Constantine reveals that their actions have unleashed a wave of exorcised demons and other supernatural monsters. Meanwhile, the conversation between Zed and John was interrupted by the sudden awakening of a pulled-out corpse, into which Gary Lester had entered, alerting his friend to a designated reward for his head. [36], He is taken to Waverider by his friends but then he leaves. Constantine has been continually portrayed by Matt Ryan. He won his apartment in a duel, which according to Constantine is "perfectly legal". Due to Gary Green using a wish from his Fairy Godmother, Constantine was forced to take the former Time Agent on as his apprentice. She informed him that her boyfriend was coming soon and needed to go quickly, then she gave him the clothes and let him out the window. After that, the team returned to Atlanta, where they found a moment to rest.[7]. During the investigation, Manny appeared who once again mentioned that the forces of darkness are growing in power and will be even more difficult to overcome. Jim then teleported John, Mia and Diggle back to Earth-1. He is also the ex-lover/good friend of Anne Marie Flynn, Sara Lance, and Gary Green, as well as the ex-boyfriend of Desmond and the late Natalie Logue. The process was interrupted by Nahash - the tempter serpent, whose aim was to finish the exorcist. After Chandler's arrival, the three of them followed the trail of vinyl victims, and even more. John tried to comfort Gary, joking that if his soul is going to hell, it's gonna meet Gary's nipple right there, before the two discussed personal relationship problems. [29] However, when Neron takes control of Ray Palmer's body, John enters Hell in order to save him. Soon after, Constatine was surprised by Zed's efforts to summon the Angel. She agreed to this, warning Zed and Chas that at some point the demon would try to use their weaknesses against them. Ritchie then realized that there was a grain of truth in the legend of Jacob's second life. This gave them a way to take him to a specific location, but to distract the guards, Anne Marie used astral projection to create a naked copy of herself. Thus, the woman obtained the address to which they immediately went. Moments later, they found each other and together they traveled on, where Simpson had the opportunity to demonstrate what he had learned over the years - modification of worlds. Constantine can flawlessly impersonate an American accent. After she did so, she met Constantin and Chase in one of the abandoned houses nearby, who were going to help with the ritual. When they entered, they found John's old friend Gary Lester in an anti-gravity trap. Matt RyanBrandon Routh (as Ray Palmer)Nick Zano (as Nate Heywood)Knox Hamilton (young) John and Gary went to their home and found out that the demon was Masher. They took her to a safe place, where Manny appeared after a while. The lady is Jeanie Hill who recruited them to shield her from her beau Benjamin Siegel who is resurrected. Soon after, the man, stressed by the whole situation, went to the roof, where he was going to smoke a cigarette. He also mentioned that a detective had visited him some time ago, who asked about the same thing, and that he had read the name "Fell" on the sheet. After shaking off and returning to teaching, the professor stopped using the dictaphone during his lectures and spoke himself - he taught based on what he had experienced. Sara found herself being plagued with visions courtesy of Mallus. He initially refused to join the team, but after being pursued by a demon named Neron in 2018, John agreed to move into the Waverider, though still insisted that he's "not a bloody Legend". John later tells Sara and Ray the firearm is currently gone. Joined by Gary of the Time Bureau, John confronted the Legends about their latest screw-up. She saw a little boy who was taught by his mother to shoot a pistol. John sacrifices Gary to capture the demon. [11] John once put Beebo under a spell that made the toy sentient. Griffiths appeared in the pilot as a co-star,though she was written out of the series once regular filming … Due to the success, the network expanded the universe with The Flash. When Zed tried to inspect her with her visions, she saw a bright light, but the narrative interrupted the cardiac arrest of the test patient whom the doctors were trying to save. The reason was his addiction caused by Astra's death, which caused him to party so much that he ended up in Sudan. In the end, he agreed, so Constantine proceeded to cast the spell. Instead, unknown to Constantine, Dez decided to make a deal with Neron and bond his soul with the demon in exchange for sparing John's life. Images. Everything indicated that she had a tumor at the temporal lobe that could trigger her visions. John could not believe what he was hearing, because the sisters had been dead for a long time and he would not have had the strength to reach Earth. He drew him a story of how the shaman of a village, Samir, chose a young boy to trap a demon in him and save the village from starvation. Therefore, to save his friend from danger, he used a stun gun, destroying the demon with tremendous voltage. Soon after, Ritchie and John returned to campus, where they learned of the death of Miranda, who they found dead in a dance studio. However, he did not have time to take revenge as the exorcist escaped. After a while, Corrigan himself arrived, arresting Constantine, suspecting him of being involved in the accident. Constantine explained to Ritchie that the wounds he was inflicting on them were not real and he could fight it. John Constantine formed a team in order to help stop the Rising Darkness and associated paranormal threats. John Constantine was born in Liverpool, England[1] on 10 May 1982, as the only son of Tommy Constantine and Mary Anne. While his friend was away, Chandler made sure that no one in the alley was hurt. After these events, Martin went to the church, where John found her. John performed a spell to free himself from his handcuffs and held Oliver Queenat gunpoint, who had secretly been working as a spy to infiltrate Reiter's organization, … Before he left the Waverider he confided in Ray Palmer that despite Sara's strong will she would eventually succumb to Mallus as Nora did. Then they go inside, where the woman briefly introduces the subject to her friends. Hearing no answer, he stepped closer and saw that Marcello could not be contacted in any way.[6]. After Jim Corrigan took over the deceased detective's case and looked at the documentation, he contacted John and Zed, whom he met at the bar. At some point during the five months, Constantine spent some time in New Orleans. Later that night John decided to investigate the case alone and went to the cemetery described by Lily. Eine chronologische Übersicht aller Episoden, in denen John Constantine einen Auftritt hatte. Soon after, they both decided to check the baby's fetus, which, according to the local family, should be buried underground. As insurance, John also used the rod to transfer a spell on his arm onto Oliver's torso, insisted he'd know what to do when the time came and on Oliver's request, John punched him out cold as part of his "escape" and left on his boat, but the two would keep in contact. Soon after, Zed found John at the dump, where she chased away the stranger who was trying to kill him. The disturbance ended up in the appearance of a Hellish Unicorn in 1969's Woodstock, leading to the aberration of "Woodstock Massacre", where many attending hippies were slain by the beast. Constantine and Papa Midnite burn the corpses of the spirits. He denied it, but then started to run away. John told the angel to help Zed, but he tried to avoid, explaining that he could not interfere in her fate. Occupation He is an exorcist, demonologist and master of the dark arts. [18][19] They both revealed that they had recently contacted a certain Papa Midnite, whom Constantine decided to visit. He wanted to know if the girl was aware of the threat she was facing and if she could handle it all. There, they saw a demon in the body of a man eating popcorn. They eventually returned to 2017 however Constantine couldn't save Nora once they were back due to the emotional manipulation of her father who told her that the order would help her. [7] However, when Neron takes control of his Legends teammate Ray Palmer, Constantine enters hell in order to save him. Seeing on TV that the demon stopped at the cinema, they decided to defeat the beast together. General Information Martin agreed to act as bait in order to drag the monster into the previously prepared magic circle. John knew time was running out, so he asked Zed to focus her thoughts and help them with her abilities. The rite is stopped by sister Luisa, whom the exorcist suspects as being one of Eve's sisters. After everyone parted ways, Anne Marie appeared in prison through an astral projection, finding out her friend's whereabouts. Nevertheless, he attacked Chas, whose neck he broke, and in retaliation he was murdered by a nun with a mystical dagger. The Coblynau-turned Lannis appeared out of the ground and dragged his wife under it together with him.[1]. Meanwhile, Constantine went on his own, although he interacted with Gary, with the two men having an intimate relationship of some sort; although, according to John, by the rules of magic Gary was still considered a virgin.[24]. Upon entering the spirit world, in the shape of Nanda Parbat, John, Oliver, and Laurel found the room where Sara was trapped in the Lazarus Pit. The conversation was interrupted by a bloody appearance on the bloody map pointing to New York. After a while, he met Corrigan and Martin, with whom he began searching for the child and the torturer. [29] Ryan was promoted to series regular for the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow. John chased him and caught him in the Fear Room, where he drove the Panneti spirit out of Henry's body, which he then gave to his parents. John Constantine is the overall pentagonist of the Arrowverse. This made Martin believe that the preacher's actions were right, but John showed otherwise by going to the great pond where all the animals in it died. Furcifer then made an offer to John: if John freed him then Furcifer would release Astra's soul from Hell. Soon after, the two men met outside the hospital, where an angel began to describe the experienced feelings. He only succeeded when he mentioned an old friend, Ritchie Simpson, who lectured on a voice recorder at university. As John's journey to stop the Rising Darkness continued, he appeared to have developed possible genuine romantic feelings for Zed Martin, as observed by Manny, who pointed out that John was jealous upon seeing Jim Corrigan kiss her, since he seemed to be genuinely shocked and upset to see it. In response, Constantine sent Oliver to meet with Esrin Fortuna, who had a better understanding of Darhk's magic, and could possibly teach him to defend against it. The men started arguing, then realized what was blocking them. He also admitted that due to rarely encountering evil humans, he was troubled by the La Brujeria as they were quite possibly the worst of humanity, which worried him. He is an occult detective who starred in his own show, Constantine, and later made a guest apperance in Arrow. Chas, in Zed's absence, decided to help John in the next steps, despite his reluctance, and traveled to Birmingham to investigate the strange murder of the entire family. On the spot, one of the doctors described the Panneti case to him and briefly told him its story. Unfortunately, the trial was unsuccessful. That same night, Henry began to set traps in the house, one of which was climbed by the father, who did not see the suspect in the son. He explained to her that Chas would be back and it would be long enough, depending on how violent his death was. Fandom. Thereby they found themselves on the Devonshire nursing ward, where they forced the nurse into the patient's room with an enchanted card. So together they decided to investigate the whole matter, despite Martin's lack of faith. John Constantine ist ein Exorzist, Dämonologist und Meister der dunklen Künste. Immediately after that, the team returned for Anton, whom she had brought to the Fell's house. [21], Sometime later, he gave the Legends information on the Death Totem, which was in the possession of Elvis Presley. [23] Following their "introduction" to the dragon, the Legends stayed on a lookout for magical creatures for 5 months, but met none, and decided that John was wrong. Constantine searched for Morris, finding him suffocated by an unknown force of darkness that deafened the exorcist. [9], John once had a brutal encounter with Fennel and a sorcerer named Felix Faust. So he decided to run to the shed and stop Zed, but when he arrived it was too late. After the class was over, he heard a question from Constantine from the crowd of students, realizing that his day would be spoiled by an ex-friend. One night, John attempted an exorcism on a young girl named Astra Logue by summoning the demon Nergal, only for the demon to kill Astra and drag her soul to Hell, damning her for eternity, an action which damned John's soul for Hell upon death. She tried to sic Coblynau on Constantine but forgot the fact that Coblynau is spirits of dead miners, which allowed John to summon her own husband as one, to take its revenge on the one who killed him. John has made a plan to get the kidnapped children back. Sometimes later, five months after his last meeting with the Legends, he approached Sara, informing her that the danger was still there and the release of Mallus has accelerated the Rising Darkness. Constantine understood that it might have something to do with Chas, who at this point was headed to his family to meet his daughter. He did not fight a demon, a monster from the abyss, but a man - extremely dangerous. John was trying to repair one of the artifacts while Zed had been trying to combine her visions with the bloody map for more than two hours. John was later asked to join the Legends team, but declined, returning to his hotel in 2018 and drinking himself to sleep. [5], As a teenager, John formed the band Mucous Membrane with Bernie Reed. [10], John and Chas spent their time in one of the bars getting drunk in the process. John and Anne decided to explain everything to Hugo, describing the find as old ties to the Garden of Eden. The hair is slightly different. When John tried to stop Fairy Godmother and Prudence from leaving the ship, he was silenced by the fairy's spell, sealing his mouth shut. And afterward Constantine and Jeanie hookup. The man described there journeys to other worlds that ended tragically for him. He would be instrumental in figuring out the mystery of the Salem witch trials aberration, noting that the spells used on villagers needed to have a vocal component in them, and if the mother could not cast them, then it must have been the work of her daughter, Prudence. Wikis entdecken; Community-Wiki; Wiki erstellen; Suche Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Ryan also noted that while the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow mentions the Astra storyline from the NBC series, it would not explore the Brujeria storyline, though Constantine "still carries that baggage around with him". It was because of this that Chas's relationship with his family deteriorated and his wife divorced him. It is revealed that he has multiversal knowledge. They also understood that Adam might try to go back there and they went to the cemetery as soon as possible. Immediately after that, they returned to the hospital to return with Chas to meet Faust. He learned various spells and became an exorcist with the hopes of one day using his powers to resurrect his mother. Martin handed the exorcist drawings of the boy she had seen through visions after touching Lester, and Constantine decided to visit the shaman. When the exorcist found out that her friend's father was her leader, he understood her fears, promising protection as strong as his abilities would allow. After a fight with Mick, he goes to the bar his mother worked at to get a drink, being the first time he ever met her. Immediately afterwards, John was looking for something to capture the beast when, in the artifacts, Chas found the Sword of Night that forced the user to tell the truth. At 5'11", Constantine is the shortest male. Then Renee appeared in the building, whom Chas ordered John to protect, shouting his last words before the explosion, which resulted in Faust being killed and the souls returned to their rightful owners. So it happened and the girl saw the hand extended towards the angel. Constantine and stand up to her. Jonjo O'Neill as Gary "Gaz" Lester 4. At the last moment, the team stopped the man and the three of them went to the sewers to find the babies. They ran to Zed, fearing for her life, where they made many accusations against the doctor. John casts a spell to send a unicorn to hell. He utilizes the last shot to obliterate Bugsy. Constantine was an old friend and ex-boyfriend of Astra's mother, Natalie Logue, and after she was killed by a drunk driver John attempted to resurrect her by summoning a demon; however, the demon took Astra and dragged her to Hell. Zed Martin and John Constantine meet first time. As it turned out, John found out about Bernie's death, which was not normal. "[23][24] Season four co-showrunner Wendy Mericle confirmed that this version of Constantine would be the same character that had appeared in the NBC series. In August 2015, it was announced that Ryan would appear as Constantine on Arrow in the fourth season episode "Haunted", per a "one-time-only" deal. As John returned to the tent, he noticed a man healed by a preacher attacking Zed. After a while, Lily was brought to the exit by friends who could not leave this place themselves. The terrified girl was taken to the mill, where their goal was to deal with her problem. The detective initially planned to hand him over to the police, when an exorcist explained to him about the atrocities he had committed. In one of the rooms, he met a meditating Zed who pretended that she just wanted to rest. With the help of special drugs, he showed him what he knows with his eyes. After this incident, Constantine went to the mill, where he prepared himself breakfast. [28] According to executive producer Phil Klemmer, having Ryan reprise his "iconic [and] legendary role"[28] is something that he and Marc Guggenheim had been working toward since the show's first season. [22] Despite a positive reaction from fans, poor ratings led to the show being cancelled after thirteen episodes. Anne has not forgiven herself for what she has done in Newcastle, and Pazuzu has taken control of Constantin. The wound inflicted on him was so serious that he began to bleed out, attracting the demon. Meanwhile, John made the decision to help Manny to discover the nature of the thing that was causing the supernatural world to go wild. At the same time, in one of the bars, John met his friend Becca Schultz, who as a lawyer consulted the sources and obtained the documents for the exorcist regarding the last unexplained death of the whole family, except for the child. So he saw a connection between the stain on the bloody map at Briarwood and the preacher who had risen and began to work miracles. Later, Jeanie betrays Constantine, holding the mystical firearm on him with the goal that she can take the shakedown to utilize herself. It's likewise uncovered that Constantine was enamored with Natalie yet he picked enchantment over her. Constantine attempts to summon the soul of Marcello Panneti. Thus, he accidentally revealed that John was too self-righteous and that his wife had departed from him. Because of his actions and what happened to Astra, the group was haunted for the rest of their lives. Renee interrupted the conversation and returned to the room. Behind him stood the police, which arrested the man for mass murder. Emmett J. Scanlan as Jim Corrigan 5. Status He himself went to see Tammy Fraser, a former model linked to Misaki's suicide, while Zed contacted the hitchhiker's grandmother. John Constantine is an occult detective from Liverpool, England. As soon as it was stabilized, a brain tomography was ordered. The Heyworld visitors, Legends and magical fugitives attempt to bring Nate back to life. As it turned out, the accused "witch's" daughter has made a contract with a time-displaced the Fairy Godmother, angry at humans for banishing her into Mallus's realm. Later, John attempts to use time travel to change history to save the life of Desmond, but when it creates worse timelines, he accepts the need to restore the original timeline and comes clean to the Legends about his issue with Neron,[28] but John eventually manages to save Desmond by luring Neron out of his body. John decided to ask the help of Ritchie to defeat the demon. So they decided to recover it, putting a protective spell around the shed before.[12]. [39], Gary and Charlie remain outside the room that contains Astra's dead mother with Gary choosing he needs to go in there to spare Constantine, however his endeavor to use enchantment to open the entryway falls flat, just to take out the door handle, discharging the witch. At first, John suspected the local disenfranchised preacher to be the one who enchanted the Coblynau to do dark deeds, but later investigation along with Zed convinced him that the man was innocent. In his teenage years, John was introduced into the occult world by Anne Marie. John ended up instrumental in figuring out the potion and the ritual needed to unmask the beautiful unicorn as a hellish nightmare horse, and then drag it to hell. She declines in light of the fact that those spirits are giving her with new spirits. It turned out that even after death, it was filled with powerful black magic, which worried John, who ordered his friend to look for clues in Jasper's archives. As soon as the doctor left the room, Constantine tried to explain that people were always looking for a cause-and-effect relationship without seeing the other side of the medallion. John does, for the sake of the world, and he later crumbles with grief in heartbreak as Desmond is thrown into hell.[25]. Later, they see the apparition of Natalie and her clarifies the genuine tale about Astra, how Constantine bungled Natalie's revival prompting the entirety of this. John talk with Zed about her powers and weaknesses, Constantine returned to the mill, where Chas studied the bloody map and the radio for information on supernatural events. When he awoke, he realized that he could not use the dictaphone because the demon would not listen to his voice. As expected, Papa Midnite himself attacked him shortly after, successfully hitting him with the As Winchester's bullet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As John left, Oliver thanked him for his help, but John also told him he'd had a dark feeling since being in town, Oliver confirming it as their newest problem Damien Darhk. After finding her, Zed took the girl to a safe place, and John and Jim took care of the criminal. Once there, John deactivated the camouflage spell, discovering the mage's hideout, who turned out to be Felix Faust - a powerful wizard who managed to separate the body from the soul and intends to use it to increase his own power. After the Legends allowed Mallus to escape his prison in order to destroy the demon, it opened a door to other evils. Eine chronologische Übersicht aller Episoden, in denen John Constantine einen Auftritt hatte. There was also a strange symbol on his body, so the team decided to check the grave of the deceased. Later, John and Gary made a video call to Waverider and said that Astra released the worst souls from Hell. Immediately after that, they resumed the ritual, which this time brought the intended results, getting rid of the ghosts. Unfortunately to no avail, so for the first time he put all his hopes on Manny, awaiting his arrival.

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