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All full-size KTM SX models are fitted with the super-lightweight WP XACT front fork with AER technology. KTM has been serious about 125 cc-class motocross, and this dedication has manifested in the 125 SX for several years now. The seat cover features silicone strips that provide better feel and grip for the rider. Geef uw postcode of de naam van uw gemeente in. The number of each model indicates the power of the bike in CC, which means that KTM 125 SX is a 125cc bike. By using CFD technology (computational fluid dynamics) together with a clever coolant circuit routing, the innovative system ensures the optimum engine temperature for the highest performance, no matter what the conditions. Combined with lightweight wave discs, the renowned system provides the highest level of braking efficiency, enabling you to out-brake the competition. The lightweight engine cases are manufactured using a high pressure die-cast production process, keeping wall thickness to a minimum while retaining strength and durability. All KTM SX models feature a seat that perfectly matches the range's dynamic performance-oriented ergonomics. All information concerning the scope of supply, appearance, services, dimensions and weights is non-binding and specified with the proviso that errors, for instance in printing, setting and/or typing, may occur; such information is subject to change without notice. Ktm 125 sx in zeer goede staat snelle cdi vhm kop vanhasselt uitlaat brede voetsteunen voorvork aangepast achterveer herwerkt prom. KTM 125 SX 2019 - Fiche moto - La KTM 125 SX compte parmi les modèles les plus compacts et les plus légers. 194 ktm 125 sx france d'occasion sur le Parking-moto, la recherche de moto d'occasion la plus rapide du web. (bj 2020) 1km. The seat is conveniently fixed to the bike using one long, lateral screw, making it secure and easy to handle. Maintaining the optimal engine temperature is crucial to ensuring consistent horsepower throughout the ride. U vindt alle tweedehands KTM 125 SX op AutoScout24, de grootste Europese online automarkt. Geldig voor maximaal 30 dagen. The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost. It features an improved power valve unit with a sophisticated mechanism designed for the lateral support exhaust ports. Na het inloggen kun je AutoScout24 nog beter gebruiken. It offers a wide range of adjustment for the rear wheel, allowing for a shorter wheelbase on tighter, twisty tracks, or a longer wheelbase for greater stability on longer, more choppy tracks. Zeer nette hobby motor van 1e eigenaar in totaal 50 uur zuiger en big-end 6 uur oud , Minstens 5% korting op nieuwe en tweedehands auto’s. Zdravím, prosím o radu zda by seděl levý karter z KTM 125 exc na ktm 125 SX 2005. The stiffness has been precisely tailored for the most dynamic handling, and works in perfect harmony with the suspension to provide nimble agility without losing high-speed stability. Ktm 125 sx 2018 25h. The changes made by KTM put in … The frame also features "no dirt" footpegs, which have a simple but effective self-cleaning system that ensures the footpegs return to their original position, providing complete control in all conditions. The swingarm's chain measurement markings are visible from above, making adjustment simpler and more accurate. © Copyright In addition, its special shape provides slimmer ergonomics while still operating safely within the noise limits for racing. Together with the two-component cylinder head, the newly reworked cylinder is key to the KTM 125 SX's outstanding performance across the entire rev range. Moto KTM SX 125 usate: annunci con fotografia di moto usate KTM SX 125 di concessionari e privati. opnemen met verkopers, inloggen of beheren van uw voertuigen voor de verkoop. The subframe is made from lightweight aluminum, providing rear fender stability and strong support for the rider at little extra weight. Then just mount the footpegs of the 2019 EXC models, which are 6 mm higher than the SX versions. The radiators also feature special protectors that serve not only as protection from flying rocks and debris but also as a brace that disperses energy around the radiators in the event of an impact. A lightweight chassis teams up with the most competitive 125 cc 2-stroke engine in its class, delivering superior agility and power to fulfil the demands of any young adrenaline seeker. High-tech BREMBO brakes have always been standard equipment on all KTM motocross bikes. Another highlight of the 125 SX transmission is the "no-dirt" gear shifter. Tongeren 20 nov. '20. The KTM 125 SX is the most compact and lightweight of the full-size bikes and delivers a confidence-inspiring ride like no other. Sophisticated ´no-dirt´ footpegs prevent clogging of the footpeg pivot, even when digging in deep ruts. The consumption values stated refer to the roadworthy series condition of the vehicles at the time of factory delivery. It is fully adjustable, including high and low speed compression, allowing you to set the shock up precisely to suit any track and rider's preferences. De auto van uw voorkeur is toegevoegd aan uw favorieten. For 2020, reworked reeds for intake reed block provide further improvements in function, sealing and reliability, ensuring the whole system is always providing smooth, controllable power throughout the rev range. Bouwjaar: 2020. The aluminum spoke nipples feature a design that conveniently reduces the frequency with which the spokes need to be tightened. The large Twin-Air air filter is mounted on a cleverly designed stiff cage that minimizes incorrect installation. A lightweight chassis teams up with the most competitive 125 cc 2-stroke engine in its class, delivering superior agility and power to … In contrast, KTM SX 125, 105, 150, 250, 350, and 450 are professional motorbikes. The one-piece swingarm is manufactured using a gravity die-cast production process for exceptional strength at the lowest possible weight. € 3.650,00 20 nov. '20. The KTM 125 SX engine is undoubtedly once again the most competitive and powerful engine in its class. At the heart of the 125 cc engine is a reworked cylinder with a 54 mm bore. Dann klicken Sie in der Abfrage, die folgt, auf "Zulassen". These are either two-stroke or four-stroke bikes. It features high-quality machined and anodized components, which add a touch of class and give it appeal beyond just a functional necessity. As found on previous models, filter maintenance is quick and easy and does not require tools - a standard, original feature from KTM. All 2-stroke models feature a CDI control unit with advanced hardware that improves the starting behavior of the engine. Děkuji za každou odpověď -Výměna motorového oleje-Výměna olejového filtru-Výměna převodového oleje-Výměna hnacího řemene-Výměna zapalovací svíčky-Výměna brzdové kapaliny-Výměna vložky vzduchového filtru-Seřízení ventilové vůle- All KTM SX models feature a WP XACT DDC (Dynamic damping control) monoshock, which has been developed to work as a complete unit with the entire frame and swingarm architecture, as well as the linkage system and the WP XACT fork. Copyright 2020 KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH, all rights reserved. The KTM 125 SX is fitted with a robust 6-speed transmission. Please note that model specifications may vary from country to country. Additionally, the fork top caps have a new design for improved, easy adjustment (compression from top, rebound from bottom, 30 clicks each). The gearbox features a new drive shaft which uses a screw for front sprocket fixation and diaphragm spring instead of a circlip, ensuring secure pinion fixation. The right fork leg integrates a damping cartridge to fit single damping leg requirements and can be adjusted to the track conditions and the rider's preferences. The gear ratios, which featured improvements and reinforcements, were carried over from the predecessor. It is a 48 mm USD air-sprung fork with separate functions in each fork leg, with damping functions on the right side and the air spring on the left. ? The shape of the fuel tank allows for slim ergonomics without compromise to the 1.98 gallon capacity. Vind voertuigen in uw omgeving. All full-size KTM SX models are equipped with the same high-strength aluminum tapered handlebar, made by NEKEN. The KTM 125 SX features newly designed radiators which are mounted 12 mm lower than the predecessors. The air spring is exceptionally easy to use and can be adjusted to any rider weight via a single air valve and the air pump that is supplied with the bike. Vanwege onderhoud is AutoScout24 momenteel slechts beperkt beschikbaar. The airbox on the KTM 125 SX ensures optimal flow dynamics, and together with its intake snorkels, leads to maximum power and quick throttle response. Essentially, this means that in the rare case of a leaking outer seal, the internal cartridge pressure keeps the bike in a normal position. When it comes to power delivery and performance, the exhaust developed specifically for this bike plays a key role and packs a punch that is hard to beat. 2015. The ignition curves remain unchanged. VG QUADS Tongeren. The compact and durable 37.9 lbs engine was developed using the latest KTM engineering know-how, resulting in broad power across the rev range. An hour meter is fitted as standard on the upper triple clamp on all SX models, keeping the rider informed of the number of hours spent tearing up the track and when the next service is due. The new modern graphics portray an impressively fast and aggressive look that sends a clear message to the competitors. All SX frames feature the same highly durable powder coating as the KTM Factory machines and come with standard frame protectors. Similar to the footpeg design, it prevents the build-up of dirt and ensures the next gear is always available, no matter what the conditions. All KTM SX models feature top quality, CNC-machined triple clamps which have become a KTM trademark. Wilt u automatisch informatie krijgen over nieuwe voertuigen die bij uw zoekopdracht passen? The frame itself is professionally crafted from hydroformed chromium molybdenum steel tubes that are robot welded, ensuring the highest levels of consistent quality. Additionally for 2020, the kickstart intermediate gear has been reworked for improved reliability. Wees er snel bij! They also feature a bar-pad with a cover that can be attached and removed with little effort. The wheels are fitted with the latest DUNLOP GEOMAX MX 3S tires, delivering maximum grip and stability, effectively transferring all the power to the ground. Dit betreft een aantal functies, zoals contact The handlebar is fixed in rubber damped mountings, which allow for two different positions. Looking for a higher riding position? The KTM 125 SX is fitted with a MIKUNI TMX 38 mm flat slide carburetor featuring settings that were adapted to suit the new airbox developed in 2019. L'alliance d'un nouveau châssis plus léger et du plus performant des moteurs à 2 temps de 125 cm3 ouvre de nouveaux horizons aux plus impétueux des jeunes pilotes. This 2-stroke screamer is the ultimate entry point into the pro ranks and a sure-fire way to add to the trophy collection. The triple clamp has a precisely calculated stiffness and offset (22 mm offset for all models) to match the flex characteristics of the frame and fork. The rubber damped handlebar fixation reduces vibration and also allows for some adjustment with two different mounting positions. The engine body is extremely compact, which contributes significantly to the low engine weight. This lowers the center of gravity and matches the design of the new shrouds perfectly in order to achieve perfect ergonomics. The result is a front end that all works in perfect harmony, contributing positively to the overall handling and stability. All models in the KTM SX range are fitted with lightweight polyethylene fuel tanks. Registreer nu met uw e-mailadres en ontvang meldingen over het voertuig van uw keuze. Scheda tecnica KTM SX 125 (2020): scopri su prezzo e dettagli, foto e video, pareri degli utenti, moto KTM nuove e usate. AutoScout24 Belgium N.V. Trouvez la moto de vos rêves. The KTM 125 SX is the most compact and lightweight of the full-size bikes and delivers a confidence-inspiring ride like no other. The handlebars come standard with an ODI vulcanized grip on the right side and a comfortable ODI lock-on grip, which does not require any wire or glue, on the left. Alle rechten voorbehouden. Ktm 125 sx 2018 25h facture d'achat de ktm valenciennes vendue avec manuel valisee ktm pied ect.. KTM uses lightweight, CNC-machined hubs and high-end Excel rims on all SX models, guaranteeing maximum stability and minimum weight. Despite the obvious performance advantages, the design also offers maximum protection against soiling of the air filter. The filler cap has an inside thread that makes for easy and reliable closure. The design allows for a high crankshaft position which is located near to the center of gravity, resulting in optimal mass centralization and easier rideability. Its easy rideability and outstanding performance are benefits that equate to faster lap times and better results. With an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, low cost and overall simplicity, it is clear that 2-strokes will continue to have a successful future at KTM. Möchten Sie neue Suchergebnisse zu Ihrer Suche erhalten? Ktm 125 sx model 2020. The new exhaust port layout increases engine performance, while the upper contour of the exhaust port has been machined to ensure more accurate port timing. The frame and subframe on the KTM 125 SX caters for the aggressive riding styles associated with 125 cc racing. KTM 125 SX 2020 New Model ! The left leg features a two-chamber system with a capsuled air cartridge, helping prevent loss of air pressure.

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